Project on Smart Tattoo using conductive material

Smart tattoo that puts technology right on your skin.
Wearable technology in the form of smart tattoos is not a dream of the future; it's a thing of now. Say "Hello" to Smarttoo, a smart tattoo designed using gold, silver, copper and carbon. These beautiful wearables, which can act as remote controls directly from the skin, explore unused real estate space in the field of wearables. Smarttoo enables interaction with the skin on an epithelial level and boasts of larger possibilities regarding input modality. Smarttoo recognises input using capacitive touch signals and accordingly gives feedback- either a visual or aural, depending on the model. The possibilities are endless...........We can design new interfaces that enable wearers to play games and music and control devices from their skin or clothing. Welcome to the future of on-skin electronics. We present to you, Smarttoo.

This project was done as a course project for IED (Introduction to Engineering Drawing) and we got help from our instructors and Design & Innovation Lab for product ideation and testing.

Our Problem Statement:-
While all age groups commonly apply tattoos, they are becoming increasingly ordinary and lifeless. Tattoos have been explored in depth as a form of art but not as an interactive medium.

Target Audience:-
As people wear them to express their independence, mostly the Millennials (people in the age group 18-35 years) wear tattoos as a means to adorn their bodies. Also, tattoo artists buy these beautiful wearables so that they can experiment on them and draw them on people.

Components used:-

  • » The Tattoo:- made with our unique handmade Conductive Ink
  • » Capacitive Sensors made from scratch - using wires, copper tape, resistors, and Arduino Nano!
  • » Resistors (100K ohm)
  • » RGB LED Strip
  • » Piezo-buzzers for sound production.
  • » A 9v battery

Libraries required: CapacitiveSensor.h


A project made with love by -
Arunesh Singh (2018279)
Smera Goel (2018315)
Sonali Singhal (2018317)
Ritvik Gupta (2018085)