About Us

Design & Innovation Lab offers a unique opportunity for students for prototyping of their ideas and thereby inculcate the habit of innovation, which can be useful for society, community, research so as to improve quality of life human beings live and promoting Do-It-Yourself attitude.

You also get to :

  • Learn in a garage-like (Design and Innovation) atmosphere
  • Train with workshops for wood-cutting, grinding, metal-working, welding and more
  • Understand the work ethics of a lab
  • Learn how to operate hand and power tools
  • Cultivate a habit of observing safety rules
  • Experience the joy of building things yourself
  • Learn from experts through regular demonstrations, classes and workshops
  • Become a well-rounded engineer
Aman Parnami
Assistant Professor (HCD)

(Lab In-Charge)
Phone: 011-26907521

Abhijeet Mishra
Junior Research Engineer

(Design Lab Manager)
Phone: 011-26907555


Our Facilities

At IIIT-D Garage Lab, we provide our students and professors a wide variety of electronic heavy equipment/machinery, materials, and tools.

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Laser Cutting Machine

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PCB Fabrication Machine

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Drilling Facilities

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Wood and Metal Work

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  • » Social Innovation Awards 2.0 in Kaizen 2020 (March 2020) (Photos)
  • » D & I Lab Posters and Product Showcase in RIISE (Jan 2020) (Photos)
  • » PIS Major Showcase (Dec 2019) (Photos)
  • » E-Textile and Wearable Designing Workshop (30th Nov 2019) (Photos)
  • » PIS Course Showcase (22nd Sep 2019)
  • » Adobe design workshop conducted (3rd July 2019) (Photos)
  • » PCB Fabrication workshop conducted (3rd June 2019) (Photos)
  • » IED project-3 showcase (30th April 2019)
  • » 3D printing workshop conducted (13th April 2019) (Photos)
  • » Laser workshop conducted (9th March 2019) (Photos)
  • » PCB fabrication lab for IED students (March - April 2019)
  • » IED project-2 showcase (6th March 2019)
  • » IIT BHU event
  • » Laser workshop for IED students (25th-28th Feb 2019 & 11th - 15th March 2019)